I have often been told that I have beautiful skin. Some of that may be genetic, some is the way I fuel and treat my whole body and the rest is that I have used clean cosmetics for the last 25 years. Even when I couldn’t afford to travel, eat at fancy restaurants or buy designer clothes I made sure that I spent the extra money on effective and non-toxic cosmetics. I have spent thousands of dollars testing most of the natural cosmetic lines available commercially and have been sadly disappointed by many of the brands on the market today. 

And the truth about the cosmetic industry is that it is dirty…

There are few standards or laws governing the cosmetic industry in North America. In fact, as long as it doesn’t cause outright damage, like a burn, to your skin it is likely allowed onto the pharmacy, department store or estheticians shelves and these chemical lotions and potions are a part of your skin care routine. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe for you or even healthy.

Your skin can absorb up to 56% of what you put upon it; right into your bloodstream. And many of the chemicals that get absorbed into your body are accumulative and carcinogenic at worst or add to the toxic load in your body at best. There is never anything advantageous about having these toxins in your body. And this toxic load is one of the underlying reasons that my patients get sick to start with. If your liver, kidneys and bowels are already overloaded adding lymphatic system toxicity from conventional cosmetics is not assisting your body; it’s hindering it. It is important what you put on your skin.

This year we have added Beautycounter (www.beautycounter.com/christineperkins) as one of our recommended and effective skin care and cosmetic lines in my clinic. And they have earned my approval and respect for a reason.

This independent company has banned 1500+ toxic chemicals that will never appear in their products (The Never List – www.beautycounter.com/en-ca/the-never-list). In general, Canada has better standards than the USA but both countries fall short of the 1400 chemicals banned in the EU at present. Beautycounter has taken the steps independently to provide products that we can feel safe using. They are part of the cosmetic industry but have set new standards.

Beautycounter products are packaged in gorgeous recyclable and safe materials, feel and smell light, leaving no unwanted residues and they work.

I would love to offer you a sample. If you are interested, please ask me about the products at your next Naturopathic visit or at our front desk and we will be happy to share with you.

Yours in Radiant Health,
Dr. Christine


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