The Weight Paradox

I think I could say I have struggled with weight issues for my entire life…its a combination of nature and nurture…genetics and my family of origin upbringing. And as you read this, likely my story will resemble yours too. So many of us have disordered eating, body image, self-esteem and weight issues. 

My Gran was a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and it was she who taught me how to hide…we snuck pound cake and wine gums and we hid how much money she spent on my new shoes from my Grandad; and she rewarded my good grades with chocolate bars and cookies.  I remember my mother gossiping in disgust with her girlfriend about my 16 year old baby sitter’s curvy, soft body (…I started sit-ups the next day…) and at 13 my father pointed out women’s bottoms at the mall and instructed me on what not to allow to happen if I wanted to be attractive (there was no solution, like sit-ups, to this one, so I decided to uphold the family motto of making appearances the most important thing that defines you and makes you loveable). By this tender age of pre-teendom, I had negative ideas about my body, that I couldn’t trust it or my grown ups…I had to be afraid of what my body could or would do and about being judged by those who were supposed to love me unconditionally. All the influences were laid down early; even possibly in utero.  For me it was nature and nurture; genetics and epi-genetics. 

Over the course of my lifetime I have tried every diet out there. I’ve said it was to help my patients, and it was, but there was always a secret little hope that I would find the solution to my issues. If I was just the right weight or size, my life would be perfect. And then one day life was perfect…I was in love with life and all the weight was magically falling off of me only to reveal the next craziness… which was the fear that I would gain it all back.

You see, there really is no magic bullet, promised diet or pill that will lastingly solve being overweight. There are so many factors at play. What I’ve found works for myself and for my patients is a combination of the following:

  • Food that Nourishes us and eating it Intuitively
  • Movement and Exercise
  • Improved Sleep
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Recovery from Emotional Stress
  • Reduction of the body’s toxic load
  • Genetic testing and understanding your Epi-genetic triggers

Ultimately your weight is not about dieting. And the paradox is that the more you focus on just your weight and that critical number on the scale, the worse things will get (you might lose weight but statistics show you will gain it back plus some for each restrictive diet that you do). A healthy body is about focusing on wellness and what makes you thrive. It’s about listening to what your body needs and responding with kindness and honor. It’s about healing from your wounds and reparenting yourself. 

By adopting a lifestyle that focuses on wellness and health – nutritious, colourful delicious food, movement that you love, detoxifying your body, balancing hormones and taking care of your emotional needs –  your body weight will naturally fall into a healthy place too.

Yours in Radiant Health,

Dr. Christine


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